Short guidelines for using Electronic submission system

Authors or chair of the Symposium must first register to application system using this link.

Chair of the symposium will act as symposia moderator and organizer and is responsible for all discussants, for sending in the proposal and for notifying presenters whether the proposal has been accepted or declined.

After successful registration to application system authors can login to system and submit their abstract on

Author must complete the following fields to successfully submit their abstract:

  • Title - Title of abstract
  • Scientific or Practice strand - word "Scientific" or "Practice"
Scientific strand: the abstract should include a clear theoretical grounding, statement of the research question, research design, methodology, the main result and a conclusion; the research should be significant for the development of your research field.
Practice strand: the abstract should provide a brief description of objectives of the presentation / demonstration and details of key arguments of the skills and activities covered, including theoretical, methodological, or applied/policy implications as appropriate.
  • Abstract / Symposia Abstracts - 250-300 words per abstract; the abstract should not include references and should be written in either the past or present tense; If you are submitting symposia abstracts please add presentation title of contribution and discussant name in front of each abstract.
  • Symposia Summary - In addition to a structured abstract for each paper within a symposium, each symposium should also be accompanied by a Symposium Summary. It must describe the theme, objectives and the relevance of the individual contributions to the symposium. 
  • Special audiovisual requirements - All meeting rooms will be equipped with the basic audiovisual equipment (i.e. LCD projector, laptop, & microphone).  Please list specific equipment if needed.
  • Presentation type - Type of contribution
  • Attached files - Presentations slides, other supporting materials. You will be also able to attach materials after acceptance of your abstract. Please don't include abstract in field. Use dedicated field for that. 
  • Primary Authors - Author of contribution or Chair of the symposium. You can add already registered users (such as yourself) via "Search User" function or define new author
  • Co-Authors - Co-Authors or Symposia discussants. You can add already registered users via "Search User" function or define new author
  • Track classification - Where do you think your contribution will fit the best.

Please double check the information you provided. Clicking "Submit" will forward your information to us. You will receive an email containing the information above. We will contact you after your information has been reviewed.

At least one presenter from each accepted contribution must register to the Conference in order to be included in the final program.