Thu 18.09.2014 - 09:00-10:00 - Plečnik 1-2-3

An Overdue Step into the Future: Gifted Education Goes Digital  Paper  Video

Presenter: Albert Ziegler

Already commencing in the 19th century gifted education has grown into a dignified enterprise. Almost at its outset the main methods had been developed and remained pretty much the same over time: acceleration, enrichment, pull-out programs and various forms of ability grouping. In the first part of the presentation a review is given on the effectiveness of these methods. As it turns out results are not as favorable as hoped for. In the second part of the presentation the methods are analyzed in light of latest findings of the learning sciences and some shortcomings are highlighted. Two promising complementing new methods are proposed that can – at least in part – be combined with the four traditional methods: self-regulated learning and individualized instruction (e.g. mentoring). However, all these methods can only be fully effective when several conditions such as effective feedback and resource orientation are met. But their practical implementation is often difficult or impossible for gifted educators. Fortunately, modern information technology offer fantastic new opportunities and chances. In the last part of the presentation a seven-step action plan along with some best-practice examples is introduced for all those who want to enter the digital age in gifted education.