Thu 18.09.2014 - 10:30-12:40 - Plečnik 5

Eureka: the Cross Cultural Program For Talent Development in the Digital Age  Paper  Presentation

Presenter: Rachel Zorman
Author(s): Rachel Zorman, (The Henrietta Szold Institute, Israel)

The Eureka program, developed by the Henrietta Szold Institute in Israel, addresses one of the most important challenges of the digital age: Thousands of children do not realize their potential due to socio-economic or cultural circumstances. The program addresses several issues:
What comprises extraordinary talent in the digital age?
How to identify and nurture extraordinary talent among children from diverse populations?
Program Objective
To provide opportunities for elementary school students from diverse backgrounds to develop extraordinary creative problem solving skills in science and visual arts
Principles Guiding Program Design
•    Providing opportunities for all elementary school students to explore science and visual arts in a series of problemsolving experiences in the exposure phase in first and second grade.
• Training teachers to integrate interdisciplinary problem solving skills in science and art, enabling application ofknowledge and skills.
• Training teachers to observe and assess talents via measures of ability, creativity and motivation.
• Comparing student talent development in relation to their peer group and to their own baseline, as a basis for identifyingand nurturing talent in the immersion phase in third to sixth grade.
Program Outcomes
• A seven year follow-up has shown that assessment of science and visual art potential may predict future creativeproblem solving in these areas.
• Program participants excelled in creative problem solving science and art, as demonstrated by above averageachievement on international tests of science, and on national tests in reading comprehension and in concepts of visual art • Feedback from parents and students indicated that the program opens new interest areas for participants.
• Most program participants continued to engage in subjects related to the program at home.
• A long term study of program participants is under way, with positive indications of impact.