Fri 19.09.2014 - 15:20-17:30 - Plečnik 2-3

Giftedness in Israel - From Policy to Implementation in the Digital Age   Paper

Presenter: Pnina Zeltser
Author(s): Pnina Zeltser, (Ministry of Education, National supervisor, Israel)

Policy development of the Division for Gifted and Outstanding Students in Israel to nurture gifted students in the digital age will be presented from principles to implementation.
The principles guiding the policy include:.
• Addressing cognitive, emotional, social and ethical aspects that are unique to gifted students
• Developing a holistic program from preschool to 12th grade that is based on the core guidelines
• Providing holistic nurturance in all content and skill areas
• Regarding teaching gifted and outstanding students as a unique profession integrating research with educationalpractice.
Examples of policy implementation will be presented including:
• A professional development workshop with enrichment center directors and teachers, as well as with students using the"market" as an authentic learning environment providing an interdisciplinary work model.
• Integrating digital tools in creative individual and group research projects