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Evaluation Based on Evidences of Theidentification Process of the Program of Gifted/ Outstanding Aptitudes Implemented in a Mexican State.  Poster

Presenter: María Cadenas
Author(s): María Cadenas, (University of La Laguna, Spain), Dolores Valadez, (University of Guadalajara, Mexico), Rogelio Zambrano, (University of Guadalajara, Mexico), África Borges, (University of La Laguna, Spain)

This paper presents some preliminary results of an evaluation of the process of identification of gifted students in one state in Mexico. The evaluation of any program is an inevitable necessity, because its implementation is not always in tandem with its planning and requirements. That is evidenced by multiple complaints in the existent literature. In 2006 an intervention proposal called Educative Attention for Students with Outstanding Aptitudes (Atención educativa a alumnos y alumnas con aptitudes sobresalientes) was developed in Mexico. It was implemented that same year in the elementary schools in all the country. Even though it has been implemented for several years now, its impact or efficacy haven't been evaluated yet. This paper is part of a bigger project co-funded by the Public Education Ministry and The National Council for Culture and Technology (SEP/SEB/CONACYT). Its objective is to present the preliminary results in the evaluation on the identification process of the Program of Outstanding Aptitudes implemented in one of the Mexican states. The procedure of detection of 365 children identified as gifted students was analyzed. An evaluation tool designed explicitly for this program was used. This ad hoc evaluation instrument was complemented with a in-depth interview applied to all related parties (like the State Coordinator, the Manager and Team's Personnel in the Regular School's Support Unit, teachers, parents and identified Gifted Students). The present results will allow detecting the identification procedure's strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to design an improvement plan.