Sat 20.09.2014 - 08:15-08:45 - Ravnikar

Career Orientation for Gifted Students  Demonstration

Presenter: Karmen Pečarič Podobnik
Author(s): Karmen Pečarič Podobnik (Secondary school Vegova Ljubljana, Slovenia), Mr. Timotej Savelli (Secondary school Vegova Ljubljana, Slovenia)

School counselor and her student would like to present a practical example of working with gifted on technical gymnasium.
Demonstration would include a presentation of a psychologically oriented research paper on personal qualities of a photographer which sets a great example of how different aims such as career orientation, discovering new points of various professions, psychology topics as personality traits and others can be combined to help talented students develop their full potential. Students did not only get experience with research work but also a chance to expand their assignment and reach beyond standards that were expected from most of their peers.
The student would also talk about how his simple school task grew to an extensive research paper, which was rewarded on regional competition for young researchers, and show why it is important for tutors to recognize their students’ talent and help them, so they can do their best and reach for the sky.
Research paper Pogled skozi objektiv (A view through the lens of a photographer) focuses on ideal personal qualities of a photographer, specifically on public opinion on ethics and realism of photojournalists, personal initiative and professionalism of commercial photographers as well as communication skills and talent of portrait photographers. Based on the interpretation of the results, I was able to get the final image of ideal personal qualities of a photographer: photojournalists – respect of photographers’ ethics and moral principles as well as a tendency to reveal the real situation, commercial photographers – weak or medium personal initiative and ability to assure relaxed atmosphere and organized labour, portrait photographers – comprehensive or partial communication skills. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the majority of the respondents believe that any photographer must be talented and have a sufficient expertise in order to achieve best results in their field.