Thu 18.09.2014 - 13:45-14:15 - Foyer

A Literature Review for the Use of Dynamic Assessment with Gifted Students  Poster

Presenter: Selin Bozbey
Author(s): Selin Bozbey, (Anadolu University, Turkey)

Gifted individuals have different cognitive and developmental characteristics from their peers even themselves. Because it is difficult to classify the distinct characteristics which are only belonging to giftedness. Therefore identification of gifted individual is a really difficult process. There are some kind of assessment approach for the identification of giftedness. One of them is dynamic assessment which has gained popularity in this area. The purpose of this study is to review the use of dynamic assessment with the identification of gifted students. The topics which are dynamic assessment method, the efficiency and importance of the use of dynamic assessment with gifted students stand out in the literature. Hence in this poster presentation, it will be examined according to these topics.