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Motivation of Gifted Students – in the Digital Age and Beyond  Paper  Presentation 


The paper introduces parts of a research conducted in spring of 2014 at Gimnazija Bežigrad. Research activity has been supported by the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and originally designed by two school counsellors to obtain information useful for staff development. Approximately quarter of students, aged between 15 and 19 (N=255), and two thirds of the faculty (N=57) have taken part.
The main aim has been to obtain an objectivized perspective on what motivates gifted students for learning, how involved they are in various activities and how they perceive themselves. Students' and teachers' attitudes towards giftedness and gifted students have also been checked.
Results have shown that students in average rate learning with the help of computers as medium important for their motivation. It seems differences between male and female students occur, female students rating learning with the help of computer as less important. Altogether they evaluate their teachers pay medium attention to this element of teaching. Considering the use of technology in the classroom, at home assignments and other school matters (i.e. participation in the mentioned research) authors conclude that school development in this area has been suitable.
In light of other results, the paper focuses on elements, that students have rated as most important for their motivation and mainly refer to teacher – student (personal) relationship. Authors expose elements that are, according to students, overrated (i.e. difficult assignments) or underrated (i.e. the use of humour) by the rate of attention their teachers pay to them.
In conclusion the authors argue that (at least) in case of, otherwise, satisfactory use of technology, various elements of teacher-student relationship seem to be the most important element of motivating gifted students and should therefore be recognized as a developmental priority.

Author(s): Ajda Erjavec Bartolj (Gimnazija Bežigrad, Slovenia), Marija Dominko Gabor (Gimnazija Bežigrad, Slovenia)