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Thoughts On Giftedness in the Digital Age and the Developmental Perspectives of the Individual, Gifted With the Emotional Dowry of the Family  Poster  Presentation

Presenter: Štefanija Jaksetič Dujc
Author(s): Štefanija Jaksetič Dujc, (Dijaški dom Vič, Slovenia)

Despite the exceptional modern-day progress in digital connections, there is still a strong need for personal contact with individuals and families. Experts on the subject of counselling feel the need for more useful methods and techniques and if necessary therapeutic solving of personal, existential distresses of an individual and a family. The newest findings in science in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience indicate the fact, that an individual is a system being, who by being born into a family system, enters the family relational and emotional dynamics which influences him/her in any further relationship. Independence and especially growing up therefore happens only through the individual awareness of the personal, intimate questions and connections with the family. Unconscious, inherited behavioural and emotional patterns, stemming from processes of relational and emotional connections with the members of the family of origin, unconsciously influence the individual’s life. If the individual wants to face them, he/she should first become aware of them. One of the possible ways for the in-depth, intimate behavioural and emotional recognition and emotional awareness is also a therapeutic process.
The article will be based on the presentation of modern psychological and psychotherapeutical knowledge on feeling (emotions), behaviour and their intergenerational transfer. At the same time it will present the modern psychotherapeutical approach of Relational partner and family psychotherapy, the goal of which being recognition of relational and emotional endowment of an individual and the family together with emotional awareness.