Thu 18.09.2014 - 13:45-14:15 - Foyer

Parenting Gifted Education: an Italian Experience  Poster

Presenter: Anna Maria Roncoroni
Author(s): Sara Peruselli (AISTAP- Italy), Simona Traverso, (AISTAP - Italy), Daniela Miazza, (AISTAP - Italy), Anna Maria Roncoroni, (Italian Association for Gifted and Talented Students - Italy)

As the literature demonstrate, parental psychosocial health and parenting programs can have an effect on emotional and behavioral adjustment and well-being of gifted children (e.g.Bennett et all., 2013). In particular, parents play a pivotal role in the developmental of gifted and talented, both in nurturing the academic performance and in facilitating their social-emotional development (e.g. Freeman, 2001; Gross, 2004; Rubin & Chung, 2006; etc.).
In the current italian context, the knowledge of giftedness and talent is still very poor if not absent, in both education and school that family. For this reason we think that it is important and useful for a parent having the possibility to compare his experience with other parents of gifted or/and with an expert.
Through our experience with groups of self-managed online sharing and groups of parents conducted by psychologists we found, by giving to parents a brief questionnaire, the usefulness of the exchange of information, concerns, problems, resources etc. by giving the possibility to create an important and supportive network real and/or virtual. At a second time also gifted children benefit from the interactions between parents, as shown by some cases briefly presented.