Fri 19.09.2014 - 17:30-19:00 - Plečnik 4

The Effect of Modelling in Teacher Trainings  Workshop  Presentation

Presenter: Eleonoor van Gerven
Author(s): Eleonoor Van Gerven, (Slim! Educatief, The Netherlands)

This workshop is about the effect of modelling in teacher trainings. The main idea is that if you want to change behaviour, you have to change your own behaviour. This idea not only applies when you teach children, it also applies when you teach teachers. A teacher can only teach a child how to become a learner, if he has experienced how it feels to become a learner himself.
In this workshop by experiencing some of the didactical principles we use, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the underpinning ideas, structures and strategies of out trainings. It shows you how to become a more effective teacher trainer. Results of the research that is done to the effect of this this way of training will be presented.
Summary :
The underpinning idea of our teacher trainings, is summarized in the motto ‘SK=(K+S)R’: Skilledge is the sum of Knowledge and Skills empowered by Reflection. This motto reflects a specific training methodology based on the IPA-Model: Intra Personal Adaptation (Van Gerven & Hoogenberg, 2011).
The teacher trainers attitude, integrated in an completely new didactical structure,is the most important condition for success. During each meeting, our students experience several times the four stages of a learning circle. In each stage different didactical principles are put to use in different assignments. They´re all based on the principles of social-creative learning and on the principles of solution focussed strategies. At the end of his or her training, our students have experienced over a 150 different didactical working methods and assignments. They are trained to evaluate everything they do in day to day practice based on the principles of feedback, feed forward and feed up.
This way of training places students in a ‘pressure cooker’. Within a year they´ve developed a completely new attitude as a teacher: they´re highly skilled and able to put everything they´ve learned into use in their own classroom.
About the speaker
Eleonoor van Gerven is director of the post-graduate teacher training institute ‘Slim! Educatief’. She developed the competence matrix that is being used on different teacher trainings for educating the gifted. As a pedagogue she’s written several books on educating the gifted. Her three most recent books are on educating gifted children in the early years (age group 4-6),on educating gifted underachievers and on developing curriculum for gifted learners(4-12 year olds).