Thu 18.09.2014 - 10:30-12:40 - Plečnik 5

The Gifted Education in the Digital Information Platform   Paper

Presenter: Naif Kara
Author(s): Naif Kara (Izmit Bilim Sanat Merkezi, Kuruçesme, Turkey)

Turkey aims to have the gifted students gain more conscious education and training program by increasing the competences of professional education of the teachers at the school in European and global trend because it has the deficiencies in this education field. In this regard, it requires taking the advantage of the experiences of developed countries in the field because the education for giftedness in our country is relatively less than the others. The technology has been improving rapidly and it influences the life style of people. This improvement is seen through the digital technology in our century the most. The students need this technology as a matter of course. The importance of the situation is understood one more time in this respect. This study aims to constitute a new web site by two languages
'Turkish and English' and games developing intelligence in the digital platform. It will support the education of gifted students at school. It is intended to implement the development strategy of gifted education in a sustainable and wider sphere of process. We could integrate the adaptable curriculum into our class, the development plan of the school, then into our experiences through 'Before-During-After Learning' by 'Project Based Learning', 'the tele conference and internet forums' with the teachers at gifted centres of the other cities called 'Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi' in Turkey.