Sat 20.09.2014 - 10:30-11:15 - Plečnik 2-3

The Hungarian Talent Support Network Model: Operational Experience  Paper  Presentation  Video

Presenter: Csilla Fuszek

Chair: Anna Maria Roncoroni

This presentation maps experience accumulated since the formation of the first talent support umbrella organisation, the National Talent Council, in 2006, as reflected by seven studies of effectiveness connected to network-relevant fields, conducted in past years. It looks for answers to questions like “Did the more than one thousand Talent Points grow into a real network during these years and, if so, what type of network is that?  What events and organisations have emerged organically, spontaneously, in the context of network-based operation and what required targeted promotion by the Council?” It presents the factors underlying the success of the most effective network hubs, and factors hindering or promoting network-based operation revealed by the talent network.  It touches on educational policy changes in talent support achieved once a critical mass could be attained, and the impacts of a remarkable multi-annual media campaign on the assessment of talent and talent support nationally.