Fri 19.09.2014 - 14:20-15:05 - Plečnik 1

Developmental Model of Creativity: from Curiosity to Initiative  Paper  Presentation

Presenter: Slavica Maksić

Chair: Norbert Jaušovec

The paper presents a Developmental model of creativity that is based on the research data from the study of implicit theories on creativity and its development. The samples of educational researchers, preschool teachers, primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, and university teachers were asked for their opinions about manifestations of creativity from an early age to adulthood. Qualitative analysis of answers resulted in the following aspects of creativity manifestations through the lifespan: curiosity and imagination, finding and developing interests, experimenting and searching for personal expression, mastering the content and independence in thinking and acting, creative contributions  and initiative. It was noticed that all manifestations of creativity were presented at all age periods, but their frequencies were related to the particular period. Implicit theories of creativity manifestations through the lifespan were analyzed in relevant social groups that were included in the sample. It was concluded that the Developmental model of creativity could be useful in the process of recognizing creative potential and designing appropriate educational support for creative expression. Perspectives for the application of the Model are considered in the light of the characteristics of digital era as well as of today’s youth (Generation Me).