Fri 19.09.2014 - 14:20-15:05 - Plečnik 4

Giftedness and Gifted Education in the Digital Age: Continuities and Discontinuities  Paper  Presentation  Video

Presenter: Frank C. Worrell

Chair: Rena Subotnik

In 2011, Subotnik, Olsewski-Kubilius, and Worrell published a monograph in which they formulated a vision of gifted education grounded in psychological science.  In addition to putting forward a comprehensive definition of giftedness intended to apply across the multiplicity of domains, these authors also described the major contributors to giftedness, distinguished between performance and production domains, articulated the developmental nature of giftedness within domains, and developed a mega-model summarizing the development of giftedness from potential to eminence.  What are the implications of this reconceptualization in this digital age?  Should Ipads and smart phones and the internet change how we think about giftedness and gifted education?  These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this address.  In this presentation, I will review Subotnik et al.’s model and the ways in which the digital world intersects with the model.  The presentation will identify aspects aspects of giftedness and gifted education that will be unaffected by time and digital media but will also discuss the changes in giftedness and gifted education that a digital world will bring.